Organise a screening

The distribution

The independent distribution of the film, as well as conveying the story it tells, will allow us to cover the remaining part of the film's distribution costs.

If you would like to organise a screening in your area, please refer to the following cost grid:

- If you are a club, a social space or if you organise a free admission screening, we ask you to support the film with a fee of 250€ per screening.

- If you are an exhibitor, a programmer or, in general, if you organise a paid screening, we ask for a fee of 40% of the projection takings + VAT for one screening, with a minimum compulsory fee of 150€ + VAT, in case of screenings with lower takings.
Discounts can be agreed upon in the event of more than one screening.

SMK Factory is available to present the film free of charge either via Skype or with the presence of the author in the theatre. In the latter case, we ask for prior coverage of travel and accommodation expenses (on routes where accommodation is required).

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