Who we are

Smk Factory

SMK Factory is an independent audiovisual production company formed by professionals in the film industry and in particular documentary film. The collective project was born in 2009, gaining its current form in 2019.
We believe in a cinema of social impact and this has always pushed us to grasp the urgency of storytelling and the need to share the meaning that the stories of our films express.
For us, producing a film means focusing on how our works are produced, made and distributed. We work to build community around the film and the story it tells, we set up crowdfunding campaigns and widespread distribution in the territories in order to nurture social and political dynamics.
This model, which sees popular co-production and distribution as two sides of the same coin, has allowed us to make 13 films in 14 years of our group's life, giving national relevance and diffusion to stories that otherwise would not have been told.

SMK Factory produced different movies with crowdfunding campains: Tomorrow’s Land (2011), Kosovo vs Kosovo (2012), Una follia effimera (2012), Green Lies (2014), Vite al Centro (2014), Quale Petrolio? (2016), The Harvest (2017), The Milky Way (2020), I'm still here (2021), Sarura (2022), Careseekers (2023).
SMK Factory also founded the independent distribution platform OpenDDB - Distribuzioni dal Basso in 2013.

Andrea Paco Mariani

In 2009, he co-founded SMK Factory, an independent audiovisual production company. His directing activity focuses mainly on the possible contaminations between film genres, with a view to integrating the classic documentary with experimentation between different audiovisual languages. In 2013, he co-founded OpenDDB, the first Italian VOD platform dedicated to independent cinema.

Luigi D'Alife

Born in 1986 in Crotone, he is a documentary filmmaker and director. His documentary cinema is characterised by a strong political, social and denunciation imprint, without renouncing the continuous search for languages and hybridisation between different cinematographic genres. In addition to his directorial and authorial activity, he works for SMK Factory on communication, graphic design, and project management.

Roberto Zinzi

Born in 1992 in Isola del Liri (FR). He graduated in Cinema at CITEM in Bologna and studied Filmmaking with Bela Tarr at the Cineteca di Bologna. He arrived casually in the world of independent documentary filmmaking, working as an assistant in the photography department and especially in the editing department of various feature films, with some sporadic forays into music videos and television advertising. Kissing Gorbachev (2023) is his first work as both scriptwriter and editor for a feature film.

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